Friday, February 13, 2009

Computer Terminology - GUI

Something useful that I’ve been meaning to learn is Chinese computer terminology, so after a long hard search on the internet I found a few answers… that were wrong, so then I talked to Yakun, and all was well.

Here are the most basic characters you will need to navigate through the local Internet Café 网吧 (wǎng ba) or Chinese roommate’s computer, thanks to 老婆 (lǎo pó).

Register 注册 (zhù cè)

Login 登录 (dēng lù)

Username 用户名 (yòng hù míng)

Password 口令 (kǒu lìng)

Download 下载 (xià zǎi)

Submit/Publish发表(fā biǎo)发布(fā bù)

Properties 属性 (shǔ xìng)

Delete 删除 (shān chú)

New 新建 (xīn jiàn)

File 文件 (wén jiàn)

Copy 复制 (fù zhì)

Paste 粘贴 (nián tiē)

Undue 返回 (fǎn huí)

Edit 编辑 (biān jí)

Games 游戏 (yóu xì)
(for that folder containing all the 网吧 games)

If you think of anything else that may be useful and not easy to understand by simply looking at the UI (user interface) or by context leave a comment and I’ll add it to the list.


  1. what about blog vocab? I could use some of that!

  2. Send me a list and I'll see what I can do :)

  3. Just came across this list of Computer terminonolgy again. I recently bought myself a smartphone in China. It has Windows Mobile installed on it and I can't switch it to English. I've already figured out some things, but this will help me too :-)